Ciera Brown

"I can do all things
through Christ
who strengthens me"
Phillipians 4:13

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Something to think about, lmaoo !

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Anonymous asked: What's it like to kiss a girl?????????????????????????



It’s like softest lips and lightest bitting and making out so hard you’d think you were fighting for air. But you end up losing your breath in all the excitement of being just one inch closer to her body.
And you run your hands through her hair gently and then pull her closer to you to devour any last trace of lipstick. You lick and kiss along her neck and reach her earlobe and then you both laugh at how a body part so innocuous can elicit such tingles and shivers from her.
It’s a game of give and take and pushing your limits. She puts her hand on your waist. Do you pull her in tighter by her waist too? Or do you slip your hand down to rest in between her tight inner thighs?
Kissing a girl means kissing her with every ounce of energy and focus you have. You ever wanted to commit to something in your life? Well commit to making out. I’m serious. It doesn’t mean kissing her as a stepping stone to something else, it means becoming so enveloped by her mouth upon yours that there’s no space left in your brain for any other thoughts. She breathes her unspoken thoughts and emotions into your mouth through that kiss and you can taste them all. You can taste her passions and dreams and worries and sadness all in that kiss and so you keep it safe and kiss her back even harder than before. All you can think about is keeping kissing her, keeping touching her, ending up moaning because you’re drowning in lust and you’re running out of air.
Two of the loveliest things I know about are french toast, and french kissing.
And I’d rather have them both with girls.

So true <3 →


all I want is a girl

a sweet girl with a laugh thats contagious and a sense of humor that hits you so hard your stomach hurts for days from laughing

that has eyes that make your chest ache and feel like you’re drowning and you never knew drowning could feel so perfect

that wears plaid and bow…


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